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Accepted / CMB Application - Claude_Winchester
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:05:58 am »
In-game Nick: Claude_Winchester
All other used nicks (IG/Forum):
Claude_Winchester. Claude_Halton, Claude Bravo, Claude., Jackdaw, Alirezarfe, Boris., Boris_Sauvage, Boris_Bloods, Boris Kuznetsov, alirezarpc
Argonath Forum Profile Link: Here
Argonath Panel Profile Link: Here
Age: 17
Date of Registration - in-game: 2015-08-21
Are you moderator/administrator in-game: No
Banned before (Why + date): No
Timezone: GMT +03:30
Why do you want to join:
I like to join CMB to help the new players to acquire passport, which is the priority before starting out a life in Argonath RPG.
All the groups you belong to: SAPD, EES

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